Making a Difference

Locally and Internationally

How we can all make a difference

God made each of us different. He loves and affirms each of us. God is with us and in us in every aspect of our lives, seven days a week. We believe that being a Christian is about being who we are, wherever we are, at work, at rest, at play. It’s not just about Sunday.

In fact one of mission priorities is:

Being Aware – of God’s presence in the whole of life

To encourage and equip ourselves as Christian disciples for life outside church

We recognise the positive power for good, and for God’s mission, that every individual can have in all of the places we find ourselves every day of the week, and when you begin to add up all of the people, places and situations we find ourselves in touch with you can see what a positive and broad impact we can have on the lives of those around us. This is how we are working in the community.

God made us and therefore how we do what we do is his work and our vocation – and don’t think for a moment that this refers simply to paid work.

In broadest terms our lives – the doing what we do, the being who we are where we are – is how we carry forward Jesus’ work in our church, our community and wider.

Get involved… and make a difference at St Nicolas

We have some amazing volunteers at St Nicolas who give their time and talent. But we can always use more! We have teams to suit everyone, whether you’d like to be involved on a regular basis or if you are available to help out at one-off events. And whatever your talent, from flower arranging to helping with children’s Sunday Clubs, from doing odd jobs around the site to being part of our prayer ministry team, we’re sure to have a role for you.

working in schools


This brilliant organisation which has offices in our church building is all about building relationships between churches and schools. With an ecumenical team, including lots of volunteers from St Nicolas, REinspired deliver the Christian part of the RE curriculum in a fun and engaging way. Locally, we work with all our primary schools and Maiden Erlegh secondary academy.

Working in the community

Food Poverty

At Harvest Festival, the people of St Nicolas and local school children donate non- perishable food (about 2 van loads!) which we take to Churches in Reading Drop In Centre (CIRDIC) for people who are homeless and or in need Churches in Reading Women’s Centre (CIRWC) who provide a local support network for women of all ages to meet, relax and enjoy themselves as well as a safe place where women are accepted and valued regardless of age, ethnicity or faith.

You can leave donations for Woodley Foodbank in the church lobby.

Working in the community garden

Community Garden

We have a community garden developed after the completion of the St Nicolas Centre, bringing members of the church together with those in the community who enjoy gardening together.

The church garden has been a community effort with help from conservation volunteers and local families.

Working in the community

Outward Giving

Each year we endeavour to donate a lump sum, our “outward giving” to three charities; one international, one national and one local in equal thirds and we endeavour to find out more and learn from them.

christian aid

Christian Aid

We support Christian Aid campaigns throughout the year, encouraging people to engage with issues such as tax justice. During Christian Aid Week we organise door to door collections and have a cake sale. We use Christian Aid’s prayers frequently in our services.